Replies to Mashinskys And Celsius tweets. This is why people hate on Crypto. When the bubble pops, lots of people will be left destitute.

Yes. Because influencers peddling web3 forced people to buy and sit on Ether and BTC. If you're gonna randomly blame bullshit, why dont we just blame all of COVID19 on Trump and all of this inflation on Biden. You and the 25 other morons who saw your comment fit. I understand you cant see passed your bias, but peddlers pushing _________ didn't force anyone to do anything, least of all with "web3".

Why dont we just call it what it is... a bunch of people who wanted to get rich quick and they done fucked up. Its really that simple. This tweet alone, and everyone dumping their crypto proves that nobody really gives a shit about "ThE tEcHnOloGy". EVERYONE knows (or should know if you even have a single digit IQ, that not a single soul on this planet can predict crypto markets. High risk assets get sold first and the bottom feeders AKA: Anyone that has less than 7 figures in crypto, get fucked the hardest.

Im not saying anything new here, so can we stop the "ITS WEB3'S FAULT!!!!" "CRYPTOZILLA9000 FORCED ME TO BUY IN", just stop. Its fucking embarrassing

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