The "Real" Problem with F2P

Well I'm a dual LT(EU member as of 2005)/US citizen but I was born and raised in the US. I wanted to move to the EU but for several countries you need to meet a lot more requirements than simply having a passport (such as living in that country for three years) or you have to apply as an international student (which costs about $10k per year in the UK since government doesn't cover it in that case) which is better than $60k a year for pay2win colleges in USA but then you need loans and it gets more complicated because it's not in the US but somehow still possible, but still a lot.

So I looked into a bunch of countries where they have programs mainly in English but the situation was similar to the UK. So I gave up on that dream and decided to do something else like teach English in Asia/etc. But I've been here on the ground in Europe for a little over a month and some relatives here helped me and I got a conditional acception to a uni here (too late for free government covered slot so it will cost me $4k USD per year for a good business school). I was still very depressed because I thought I wouldn't get my diploma from the US (I transferred in my senior year to a different state where you had to pass 4 exams on reading/writing/match/science to get a diploma and most students take them grades 9-11 when the material is fresh in their minds, also i was worried that i couldnt retake it here in the EU). I didn't kno I would need them or that I wouldnt be able to retake them in the EU so I didnt really try. All of that, plus the fact that I purposefully got a 0 on the ACT (yeah I was such a cool 11th grader, I know) made me feel like it was all pointless. Like going to the uni was literally a waste of everyone's time.

Well, I was wrong, turns out I passed the tests from USA and they are issuing me a diploma. I can't believe it. There's even more backstory but I've been ranting for long enough. Honestly, it's just crazy. My life is headed in an entirely different direction just because one piece of paper. I'm so thankful and lucky. :)

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