Regretting a text

Me too! I feel the same. :)

She deserves someone much better, and you are completely right. I am selfish and I need to leave her so she can start her life with someone who deserves her.

And seriously, I know i have made a bad impression. I am a very genuine, kind person but I can't be with someone that I am not completely physically attracted to. It would be selfish to stay with her and be much more attracted to other women. Biology doesn't care how beautiful your mind is, and even if it did, I am not in "love" with her mind.

Life sucks, relationships are painful. I don't need to grow up, I need to figure out what I want and who I am. You need to grow up and stop telling people to grow up, like you are some powerful adult. We are all human, and we just need to be ourselves, girl.

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