Do other people think differently from the way I do? Do they have different thoughts from the thoughts I have? How do I know? how do I find out?

I know that I need help more than I’ve ever needed it and since I’ve received help and dismissed it because of my own selfish reasons I’ve burned every bridge there is. That’s my fault. I accept that. Now I’m actually desperate because my way does not work as I’ve tried and tried trying to get another outcome and it just isn’t going to happen. So what does a person like me do in this situation? Suicide? I don’t want to hurt anyone ever. But I know now that me trying to mend myself in my was caused others a great deal of pain and I’m so tired of dishing pain out. I want to be better. I also know that I’m not going to get the things back that I do easily threw away because life isn’t fair. I just hope I have enough years left in me where I can get that help and try to make amends for pain I’ve caused. It feels like it’s too late though.

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