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Written and drawn by Jun Mochizuki, first published in 2006. Pandora hearts is an action/fantasy/drama/comedy manga that I heavily recommend.

synopsis: Oz Vessalius, the heir of the Vessalius family is about to celebrate his 15 years old: The moment he becomes adult. The problem is that he will be condemned by a mysterious order, the Baskervilles, for a sin he doesn't know anything about: The sin of existing ("Your sin is your own existence"). He is then thrown into a an eternal prison called The Abyss that was until then known as just a myth. He meets there a girl named Alice who is not just a girl, but a powerful Chain (Monsters). He forms a contract with her and manage to break out but he discovers that the world he now is in, is the one of 15 years after he dissapeared. Then begins his journey to unveil the truth and to see if hope is not dead yet.

plot: The plot of Pandora Hearts is really good, it's as frustrating as a good mystery story because it gives a loooot of information with unknown meaning, until even the very end and even if you get what is going on: YOU LACK INFORMATION TO FULLY UNDERSTAND SOMETHING AND ITS REASONS. I got frustrated to no end by this but call me masochistic, I enjoyed it a lot, but it can be a problem to some people.

What's good is that the overall plot is very coherent, but it's hard to see it sometimes because you lack elements about the plot at times. I had to take a full A2 paper so I could understand everything and Ô god I enjoyed doing it.


The strongest asset of Pandora heats : Chara design

Let's take a look


The heir of the Vessalius Family, the most famous family of the 4 families composing the Dukedom.He is called the "Child of the miracle" because he managed to get out of the abyss. Naturally cheerful and michievous, this little devil loves to tease his servants. Pretty sociable, he gets along with pretty much everybody. However he didn't get any love from his parents because he's an orphan by his mother and abandonned by his father, who denied him when he was a child. This even traumatized Oz and caused him to lose every confidence in himself, which can explain his tendency to accept everything without contesting. *Age: 15 year old

*Height: 162cm

*Likes: Girls (especially younger), pastry, tea

*Dislikes: Nothing in particular

*Assets: Drawing, singing, poetry, violin, piano, danse, studies, equitation, calculation, using a sword or a rifle (without any experience)

*Flaws: His father

The main character, he is ridiculously cheerful and happy but it's not always how he is, he hides emotions at times. His overall optimism is very refreshing and I really liked him, especially when he shows his true colors his creepy smile could win my heart. Sadly he is kind of blank at times so the reader can compare himself to him

Alice: Alice is the real name of the chain that made a contract with Oz. But those that do not kno her call her "The black rabbit drenched in blood". Indeed according to the archives of Pandora's office, her realy appearance is the one of a giant black rabbit. Famous for being very powerfull and dangerous, she appears ost of the time in the form of a little girl because her power has been sealed by Raven, another chain, otherwise Oz's body wouldn't be able to endure it. She is an amnesiac looking for her memories.

  • Age: Unknown

  • Height: 150cm

  • Likes: Meat

  • Dislikes: The abyss' will

  • Assets: Kicking, bluffing

  • Flaws: Coffee, everything that is bitter, Break, Sharon

The female main character and the most awesome character in it! She's a bit of a tsundere but she is in general honest with her feelings. She has a very fierce personality with some moe moments. She loves meat, and doesn't handle alcohol well. Also she doesn't know anything about love so i can kinda understand her. The only flaw she has is that it's always "oz pls save me" but heh, she's badass and is a big black rabbit with a scyyyythe!!

Gilbert Nightray:

  • Age: 24

  • Height: 18cm

  • Likes: Black coffee, the color black, sales and fresh products

  • Dislikes: Oz's father, pepper, cats, the Nightrays

  • Assets: Housework, cakes, calculating reductions (faster than Oz)

  • Flaws: Break, Sharon, Vincent, Cheshire's cat

Gotick? Check, Loyal? Check, Cool hat? Check, guns? check, he's the mature guy of the bunch but also has his sad moments, a very good chara. He dislikes Alice at first because she is a threat to Oz.

Xerxes Break: Servant to the Rainsworth family, Xerxes Break (nicknamed Break) is a member of Pandora, of an incredible nonchalance, he hides a sarcastic nature behind his outside traits. What is sure is that this man is unbearable. Moreover, he is badly seen by other Pandora Agents because he made of his part a mystery.He is generally seen with Emily, a strange puppet on his shoulder (right one iirc) Known to love sugar, he is able to eat a whole block of sugar when he badly needs it.

  • Height: 177cm

  • Like:Sugary things (especially candies), teasing Gil and Alice

  • Dislike: Vincent

  • Assets: Fencing, eating cakes

  • Flaws: Guns, girls from rich families that get carried away easily

Strange smile? I like that. He's a weird character that make us want to hide away from him. He's in general that, but he's still human and can be very serious at times. Another lovely person.

Sharon Rainsworth

Grand daughter of Duchess Rainsworth, who is the head of the family. Sharon is an active member of Pandora. Since she made a contract with the chain Eques, her growth has stopped when she was thirteen, leaving her with a descrepancy with her real age. Since their first meeting, Oz fell head over heels for this slender beauty that managed to keep a simplicity. But don't get mistaken! This demoiselle has always shown a great maturity. She naturally gave wise advices to the future Duke of the Vessalius family once he entered the high society.

Able to drink tea in any circumstances, she always managed to stay calm and she never lost her temper. But don't take her for a passive person, she is before all else a crafty and doesn't hesitate to make a bet about conversations between Gilbert and Oz and to use any means to spy on them.

As you may have seen (if you read carefully o:) I mentionned Pandora, but what is Pandora might you ask? To keep is short Pandora is an organization created by the Four Great Dukedoms that expanded to include many people of the whole country. Their goal is to obtain the intention of the abyss, to manage illegal contractors and to avoid another tragedy to happen, which tragedy is a mystery for now :3

I only talked about characters we see in the first chapter to avoid any spoiler and to leave some surprise to the possible readers, but if you want me to I can do every important ones, even side ones!


Please, give me back my breath. The art is good at first but still has flaws like an unclear background, one anatomical error and little details that fail to be present,but after 4th tome it gets a lot better and some of the scenery are just... wow. especially the labyrhinth

It's very good as a manga art but the thing is that when you try to copy a Victorian style for characters, you need a lot of details.

The fight scenes are good but not outstanding, the best in the art is really emotions and the symbols (leitmotiv) present in Pandora Hearts.

Overall: Pandora Hearts is a manga that I recommend to read without any moderation, the plot is solid, the art is very good, the characters are not in the least stock characters. The cast has a veeeeeeery large number of characters that are unique and not useless. The manga focuses on the dark environment it shows but still shows moments of comedy and of things that you won't expect.



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