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Looking at it purely from a hypothetical capitalist mindset, the open market is probably not worth it as most people would snap up a varied roster and pots won't matter much to them. So I'd need to find a niche setting where I could contact premium buyers directly and point out how even <insert-premium-figure> is a generous price when it comes to the cost of actually whaling and getting an equivalent account. A naive way would be to simply put the cost of each 6* potential at 35 rolls, convert it into OP and sell at roughly 1-2% of its dollar value... which would be an upsell when accounting for actual orundum income of the game. No one will fall for it, although there isn't much(if any) correlation between intelligence and financial reserves.... so maybe I strike it lucky right there.

If not, then we look at average accounts and then figure out how much margin my account has, pricing the average account at <price of a banana> due to their high supply and then sell mine based on the margin. The margin comes from what's not usually available in the average account and what mine offers. I could sell them on the limited operators and their levels, but I would probably spin it into an intangible "experience" where I let them raise their own supposedly meta operators that I conveniently left at level 1 "just for them". There's no price for experience after all, and it lets them enjoy the joy of promotion and pain of waiting as they get to raise their own operator from level 1 to level 90.

Objectively, I would lose "value" because I wasn't interested in R6S so never rolled for them. As such, I could never offer a 100% collection to the interested hypothetical buyer in that another account with Ash/Blitz/Frost provides them with an avenue to throw money at it and complete the roster. Then again, the fixation on a complete roster depends on how much of an Arknights fan they are... which is quite unlikely since a fan would probably already be playing by now. At which point they are probably an R6S fan with resources to spare who has somehow not yet tried Arknights since the collab almost 2 years ago which would be like looking for a white whale. So I would call them out on their bs and look to walk away, as I know I have the strong hand in negotiation after their bluff.

In any case, they might want to do some market research if they're savvy and not just a loaded person who jumps from game to game. In which case, they will probably see all the market offers which would lead me to explain CC and how they surely cannot boast about (close to) max risk clears with those other accounts. It would probably require inflating the value of CC among the fanbase and I would need to rely on hype CC OSTs to showcase its true worth. I would once again have to be careful about hiding the true potential of Ash because hey guess what, somehow she's also a roughly 75% meta queen. I will just handwave it by saying Stun doesn't even work against bosses so where's the value in that? But by then, their market research has yielded a reference benchmark and we are talking relative prices in bananas as that's how all other accounts are valued. Oh well, dragged down to that level, I would probably just be tired by then and finish the negotiation with,

How much could a banana cost? $10?

Disclaimer: The above scenarios are purely hypothetical. They neither encourage nor incite anyone to indulge in account trading and definitely do not intend to promote bananas as a currency. They are costly enough these days, let's not push it any higher.

I genuinely have no idea and I would rather just give it to a friend than think about a fun hobby's monetary worth.

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