Rocket Barn of Love

It was a soft and subtle evening the day the next event happened with tanuki, she had enjoyed her time with ronin but now it was time for her to come home, she walk through the door, tired from a days work of creating concepts and constructs of the next rocket ships that where going to embark on their journey into space. Her hands grasped upon her jacket, placing it upon one of the four avalible hooks she would normally place it upon once she came home. The house smelled of a subtle bit of vanilla brought on by a delicious scent of some form of evening dinner, the tv was on, kerbal streams of wild men screaming over designs that failed echoed through her home as she moved past the living room and into the kitchen. in the kitchen stood tanuki's wife omo, a slightly averaged heighted girl who was wearing a blue dress with mini frills upon the bottom of the dresses lace, with multiple patterns of pine up women upon it, Her eyes where a bright blue, her lips pinkish in color upon a pale skinned face with black hair that trailed down to her shoulders.

"Hi honey i am home!" Tanuki would say greeting her wife and slowly moving herself up behind omo to move her hands around hr waist and lock her fingers upon her stomach while her chin rested upon her shoulder over looking the pans currently being heated upon the stove.

"Hi honey, how was work, get anything done?" Omo asked as she cooed from the soft hugging embrace her wife was currently giving her.

"oh you could say i got a good "load" of work done" she said with a bit of blush tinted upon her pale cheeks like a christmas tree decoration.

"Whats for dinner?" she asked. "Oh just a treat, you know for such a lovely wife" she said softly Tanuki gave a small nod, breathing in through her nose the scent of tonights dinner before releasing omo's waist and moving herself a few steps back.

"By the way, you seem a bit dapper this evening, anything i should know about." omo asked as tanuki slowly lead herself to the couch in the living room to plop her rump down and flick through the ksp streams to find someone she thought was currently worth watching.

"Oh nothing baby, just the same old stuff, constructing rockets and just bantering to the fellas like i normally do." she said as she cleared her throat, a weird tenstion was in the air, did omo know about her and pawn and the day they shared in the barn?

"Oh that sounds nice, oh by the way, i invited one of your friends over for tonights dinner." Omo replied. suddenly the door bell rung, tanuki's eyes widened, her posture sitting up and looking to almost get up until omo walked out of the kitchen and raised her right hand up to swish her wrist up and down. "sit, sit, i got it sweetie." she said with a smile planted upon her lips. Tanuki's eyes trailed along, watching omo move toward the door before suddenly hearing the door handle turn, a lock creeking of the front door emitted until suddenly it was open with omo giving off a cheerful welcome to the special guest for tonight.

"evening!, welcome, welcome, come, sit down!" She said reaching out and tugging in their guest like a ragdoll to expose who it was.

Tanuki's eyes widened even further, her stomach felt a strange drop happen as if she was on a roller coaster of some sort as low and behold their in the door way stood "Pawn" her sexual fluid transfering friend from their sweaty time in the hay piles this morning.

"Look honey, its pawn!" Omo exclaimed pulling him in. "Oh, h-hey pawn, how you doing?" tanuki said as she slightly chocked on her own saliva, still in utter shock.

"h-hey tanuki!" said pawn, a slight terrified look planted upon his face as he moved further into what seemed to be the pit of snakes or the 5th circle of hell.

"Sit, sit, relax, take a load off, dinner will be done soon!" Said omo moving pawn in and tossing him to the couch right next to tanuki.

slowly omo moved herself back to the kitchen seeming to be checking on how dinner is currently going.

"d-did you tell your wife what happened today in the barn?" whispered pawn "n-no, im as confused as you are....maybe its just a coincidence." tanuki whispered back before seeing omo move back into the living room with what seemed to be a few wine glasses and a bottle of wine.

"lets all drink to good friends!" she exclaimed.

the night rolled on, all parties seeming to take in that bottle of wine rather quickly and laughing over jokes with that awkward tension still rolling with in the air. After a few more drinks and all parties loosening up, thats when the unthinkable began to unroll.

"you know baby, i think it would be nice if i could watch you two do it, i mean wouldent it be rather kinky? you know we have talked about spicing things up in the bedroom, why not with close friends?" Said omo, shifting her finger around the top of her wine glass with a bit of a sluur in her voice.

"tanuki gave a hestitant laugh assuming it was a joke, along side with pawn who seemed to be the main consumer of the wine bottle that evening to calm his nerves.

"So, what do you think pawn? want to fiddle with my wifes no no bits? i bet you would like it a lot." said omo before stood up from her seat flicking down the front of her dress with the free hand that did not contain her glass.

"i-i bet your right ha haaa." said pawn in a joking manor before suddenly omo reached down to her dress, with her free hand before suddenly tugging at the front of her dress to tare it clean off like a pair of stripper pants. under her dress was a black corset, long nion stocking that where gripped atthe top by a garder that trailed along omo's plump upper thighs. Pawn and tanuki with a blankless stare looked to omo from her face down to her feet, and when trailing their eyes back up to her face to suddenly notice the wine glass omo had, had in her hand was replaced with a black lickerish like whip that seemed to appear out of thin air.

"You, i demand you fluff my wife so hard, she wont be able to walk straight for a week." omo shouted in a demanding voice before snapping her whip upon the coffee table like a indi anna jones movie.

pawn and tanuki looked shocked, but at the same time this was slightly intisting as tanuki turned to gaze at pawn and then to her dominatrix wife omo and her whip of pain.

"dont make a omo snap this whip across that ass tanuki" said omo before making another snap of that whip, but this time toward pawn and his crotch, seeming to snap it just right in order to rip his pants in two.

tanuki quickly did as commanded, she moved toward pawn, her cheeks fired up with red and her expression full of not only slight fear but also excitment as she dove down to pawns boxer prision. she then moved her hand, grasping and feeling toward a hardened rode shape only to adjust it so its head and form peeked through the boxer hole in the center.

her lips coiled around its form, bringing it into her mouth and slathering pawns form with her slick saliva, her tongue dancing and greeting the one eyed wonder weasle.

Pawn groaned, the sensation swarming up his body was tingly and intense, but not only that, the site of omo looking as if he did not abide he would taste the cold painful leather of that whip in regions he could not imagen being whipped.

Tanuki's head bobbed up and down, swallowing that form further and further into her throat while omo's right foot trailed along the bent over tanuki's crotch that was presented outward toward omo's direction.

"thats a good girl tanuki, make sure you dont use your teeth." She said before giving a light crack of that whip upon tanuki's rump to cause her to meep and wiggle upon her knees.

"Ta-tanuki, if you keep it up, im going to.." "STOP RIGHT THERE, WHO PERMITTED YOU TO CUM JUST YET?!" Shouted omo, interrupting pawn.

"Tanuki, present, NOW!" She exclaimed Tanuki slowly stopped her bobbing and the movement of her tongue upon pawns member, slowly pulling her head back and slowly trailing hr lips upon its form before they the tip slowly moved out from them and into the cold air. She then turned grasping the coffee table and keeping her posture bent and on all four with her rump out for pawns view to gaze at.

Omo then moved herself over to tanuki's side upon her knees to place her hands onto ether side of tanuki's rump, only to shift hr skirt and move aside her panties to expose her pink cunny to pawn.

"Go ahead, dive in, you know you want too." said omo pawn stayed upon the couch for a few more moments, looking to tanuki's cunny that had a slight shine from the lighting upon it to expose her egager wet lips. He then made his move, positioning himself behind tanuki and giving a few playful taps with his rod onto the side of her rump and a few times brushing the head of his rod up and down tanuki's cunny lips to lube himself up before applying preasure to her entrance and slowly making his way inside with a grunting moan followed by tanuki's as well once he moved himself fully inside.

Omo watched with a grin that seemed to not go anywhere as pawn thruste his hips back and fourth. Each thrust that went forward gave a emitted clapping noise from their bodies connecting followed by moans of ectasy as tanuki's fast seemed plastored with pleasure along with pawn as well.

after a few more minutes of the constant thrusting and bumping it came time, pawn gave a loud grunt followed by the same sentance as before but this time directed more toward omo "miss omo, i think im gonna c-c" "Go ahead, do it right on tanuki's back!" she demanded, thats when pawn pulled himself back, his rod began to gush out rope after rope upon tanuki's back as both climaxed.

after a few minutes of sitting in their after climax bliss, they all changed back into their attire. "hey baby, whats for dinner?" said tanuki

"Oh thats right, tonight dinner is special, you see, i found this special meat in the market that looks rather neat, something called "Meaty jeb....funny its kinda green."

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