Round 25 - Unnamed Team 6 First Writing Thread

By the time I got Rachel in the elevator in the downtown apartment (owned by my employers), she woke up. Thankfully this place wasn’t opened to the public yet, as it was only partially finished.

“Rachel, I know you’re scared, but trust me, that guy is not your husband. I’ll prove it to you.”

She continued screaming and thrashing, but I got her into one of the finished apartments. I sat her down on a chair, and tied her hands to the back of it.

“Rachel, look at me. It’s me! Something’s going on, I don’t know who that guy-”

“My husband! That guy is my husband! I don’t know who you are, and I will forget any of this happened, just let me go, and I’ll-”

“NO! I’m your husband!” I grabbed her shoulders. “Look in my eyes! It’s me!” I grabbed her shoulders and put my face only inches away from hers. I tried to show sincerity and maybe a little desperation, but she saw nothing but a crazy man yelling at her. She was terrified.

I thought if I would remind her of times we shared together, she would remember something, anything. I started telling her different memories that came to mind. Inside jokes, intimate moments, anything that could show her I was who I said I was.

She just shook her head, saying I could have been given that information from someone else.

“My real husband already told me his company was conducting interviews, and asking a lot of personal questions. ”

What interviews? I haven’t had any interviews… “What are you talking about?”

“Security questions. To make sure people are who they said they are. They asked me all the same questions.”

None of this was making sense. First off, I never spoke to Rachel about work; the NDA’s we were forced to sign made sure of that. Second, why would Rachel have been brought into this? My company never really knew about my wife until the office Christmas party last year when I asked if she could come. It was a resounding no, by the way. My boss had told me that they do not like to involve family members in any company stuff. So these “interviews” Rachel was talking about didn’t really correspond with what I was told, and what I saw.

Unless.. she wasn’t Rachel, and they were making sure whatever she (it?) and my stand-in would remember their back story. My backstory.

I looked into my “wife’s” eyes one more time, to see if there was any recognition.

Nothing. Only terror. I turned away from her.

“You are not my wife.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you! Please, just let me go, and I won’t say anything, please! I promise, I won’t go to the cops! I’ll tell Michael this was all a misunderstanding,”

“You’re not Rachel, either.” I picked up the lamp on the side table. There was no fucking way I was going to let this thing take my wife’s place.

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