OP's girlfriend used to bang a Superbowl football player, tells all her friends about it and still has pics on her phone.

I actually highly highly recommend dating apps like hinge and coffee meets bagel.. and there might be some others. Tinder type of apps attract very low quality girls like that in the original post. My observation is that there are many very pretty and sweet girls who dont like to drink or go out and therefore end up spending a lot of time with other girls or with a select few guys --who they may or may not be attracted to. I also found dating apps are a nice confidence booster for inexperienced guys because you start to realize that cut girls can find you attractive .... agreeing to go on a date is an admission of interest no?

I think this idea also carries over to how you should approach your life. I think a big piece of advice that is constantly thrown on here is guys and girls cant be friends/ focus only on your life and getting laid. This is fine in a vacuum if you are the type of guy that girls will fuck without knowing anything about ie a football player, navy seal etc but for most guys on here thats NOT the case.

For example if you meet a girl at a bar who you like and who seems attracted to you.. EASE BACK.... on the drinking, on the kino, everything and just get her number and leave / pretend you have somewhere to be. Sometime that week send her a text/call her and try to setup coffee or lunch etc and try to find out more about her. Taking it slow is one of the long lost ways of getting there. I took my girlfriend on 3 "dates" before we hooked up and i made sure none of them were very expensive (one coffee shop, one snack type of restaurant, one bar --> hookup). She constantly tells me I'm so different from other boys who didnt connect with her emotionally and were trying to get in her pants all the time.

I call the other responsible alpha behavior. You arent just throwing away money at a girl who isnt interested and you set boundaries by going places where you dont stand to spend much anyways. I knew she was a keeper when she split dinner with me on the second date.

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