If you can't pay your child support maybe you shouldn't tell your ex wife you are trying to have more kids!

They have the giant expensive manor of a home because his fiancé is a trust find baby (only reason he's with her) and her dad "sold" it to them but it was her childhood home so it's paid off and they just pay taxes. She hasn't gotten her trust fund payout yet so he's lazying around waiting for her to support him. Supposedly they foster dogs but they have 7 that are permanent and all the big energetic ones do is sit in crates all day whole the little yappy ones get locked in bathrooms to pee all over the floor. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE dogs. I used to dog sit my favorite one of their dogs when they would go out of town. Then they couldn't afford flea medicine and my home got infested, what a nightmare. I've since moved and I refused to watch her again after that. When my own dog, Karma had to be put down in September they tried to convince me to take one or two of theirs off their hands. I refused because the medical expenses for Karma were already too much and I was still recovering from that and no way could I compromise my children's stability just to fill the hole that is there from losing her. They still try to get my boyfriend to adopt one. But as far as income, my ex works "under the table" at a supposedly good job but when it comes times for excuses it's always about how they don't have work for him and when they do he "doesn't feel well", a very common occurrence for him. He hurt himself working last year and he has addiction issues. We divorced because I found out he was on pain meds as well as being a high functioning alcoholic. So this injury last year got him more pain meds... Now he's probably back on them and living off his girlfriend's paycheck because she is working at a gas station while she waits for her trust fund to pay out when she's old enough. So I know I will get less when I file because of those facts, but as long as I can make it work and not have to keep asking him for money then it will be a huge weight off my chest.

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