So tonight I dumped my boyfriend for being poisoned by The Red Pill.

can confirm

I ran into pick up theory stuff/the red pill at some point post break up with a long term relationship

I got my head pretty wrapped up in it, in retrospect it was pretty dumb. I personally followed RSD not so much for the misogynistic kinda stuff as much as the self-confidence training,

but really the message I took away from it time and time again was "go out there and face your own fears in order to grow as a person"

pretty much the only way to truly grow as a person, so watching all those videos was nothing but time wasted

genuinely though, it's funny how people get sucked into it, but I fully understand how and why someone, even someone who was a great and confident person in the first place could get dragged into it and, given the wrong kind of school of thought and taking the wrong kind of messages from it, become a complete pile of shit narcissistic fuck face as a result that thinks women are nothing more than arm-candy

(obviously, they're not)

guys: don't get your head wrapped up in it, it's enteraining and can be motivating but honestly the best and only real piece of advice you can stand to get from any of it is just go out there and work things out for yourself, the sooner you start doing that, the better off you'll be

girls: i'm sorry if you land yourself with someone who's been tainted by PUA bullshit, especially if it's the sort that has them attempting to manipulate you emotionally or physically. Intentional manipulation of anyone is a big red flag regardless of who's involved, and though we all do it sometimes whether we're fully aware of it or not, using it in such a self serving way as treating women as subhuman pieces of meat is in all honesty nothing short of disgusting, I personally would knock out any piece of fuck if I saw them treating another person like that, man or woman, unfortunately I have not yet had the pleasure as it does tend to go unobserved and unreckognized for too long

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