Never let em know

Okay, I don't know if you haven't read my long ass post or if you're stupid or if I'm that bad at explaining myself, which could be the case since english is not my native language but I'll try to explain it again much easier.

I'm not saying it's supposed to be funny because it's "black". I'm just saying that majority of these post wouldn't fly past general public if it we're posted from the point of view of a white person. Before you say "no shit" since there are some posts that are really related to being black BUT vast majority of these posts are just "white people problems" packed in such way to seem that they were made up by a black person, while in reality it's not. It's made by white kids with "darker" sense of humor masked as "black content" so it could even be posted (or so it wouldn't be downvoted to hell by social justice warriors). If you've followed this trend (these memes) from the start you could really notice it going from "hood" jokes to jokes about pokemon and shit like this. I'm not saying black people can't relate to pokemon but it won't take long and there will be friendzone/fedora-like jokes too.

My second point is that it doesn't really matter if you're black or white, we're all the same but from the point of view of todays society it is not very acceptable for a white guy to have a "main bitch" and a "side bitch" and doing ratchet stuff. But it's acceptable from the point of view of a black person because society tells us that black people are "bad". Bad in a way that they are selfish and don't mind breaking the rules and so on*.

All of these jokes existed before but they are put the other way around and it was labeled Scumbag Steve.

I'm getting downvoted which doesn't make these post seem very trustworthy but maybe try think about it for a second. Let go of your prejudices and think outside of a box a bit.

If it clicks, let me know and if not there is no problem since this discussion isn't very important.

*These are all quality traits in real world by the way. Being "bad" is just another word for being successful at doing what you want for yourself no matter how much "harm" you put to your surroundings. To explain this thought like for a four year old, here is one example that I broached above: Black people can cheat on their girlfriends because they are bad and don't give a fuck that it might cause harm for their girlfriends because they are "bad" and everyone know black people are "bad" because we watch television (lol). White people on the other hand can't brag on twitter about having multiple partners because that would mean they might harm someone close to them and since white people are "good" they don't do that and it would be frown upon.

You don't have to agree but please let me know if you at least get a gist of what I'm trying to say.

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