So tonight I dumped my boyfriend for being poisoned by The Red Pill.

Redpill is complex.

It's built on a complete ignorance that both sides have their own issues that they face. Their core assertion that 10% of men get 80% of the women "because they're arseholes" is seen only from their perspective and is simplified to a "good vs evil" narrative.

At it's simplest, let's say that "nice guys" meet their partners early on. They stay in committed, long term relationships. They get married. They enter the dating pool very rarely.

Then you have their heroes. They don't want long term relationships and enjoy variety. They have to enter the dating pool a lot to achieve their objectives. Some people just prefer this lifestyle or think this is how they should structure their teens and 20s before they magically turn 30 and have to get serious.

The first issue is why are they their heroes? Do they feel their worth is based on how many women they sleep with? The Red Pill mindset asserts that women sleep with as many men as possible for self-esteem or to get the best available "mate" without being self aware enough that they're doing the same thing that they criticise them for - just from a different perspective.

These people look at the people who are achieving "the most sex" and instead of understanding that this is because of the relative frequencies, they try to emulate them.

Sometimes this works for them. Women are looking for different things from their sex lives, as much as men. By adopting this attitude, they are more likely to attract women who are less desiring of long term relationships. It's often said that Nigerian 411 scammers deliberately use poor spelling and grammar to exclude people who are more intelligent and less gullible. The guys messaging you on OkCupid with "hey u dtf" aren't just being idiots, they're doing the same thing.

So we've established that people are looking for different things. But the Red Pill mindset simplifies our objectives to such an extent that we all are looking for the same thing. It's lack of awareness or empathy of or interest in the other gender's desires counts against it.

Red Pillers like their HB8s, 9s, etc. But they don't understand when women use similar criteria to judge them. Human sexuality is pretty shallow but it's what we have. I do think we judge prospective partners vs all the partners we've ever had - both genders. If a guy has a "HB9" he probably will be looking for other "HB8.5s" or upwards. Because of the way the dating pool works, it's entirely possible that "high value" women or men have dated partners that they didn't perceive as a long term prospect but that becomes their new "minimum". Hence people complaining about "standards". That's again not a gender issue, it's a Chris Rock sketch.

People are arseholes. People are fucked up. Men are fucked up, women are fucked up. Red Pillers don't date men and don't want to understand the issues that women face. Your friend Jonny that smokes a lot of weed and is really good at XBox? "Guy's a bro, you know." Men and women may have different and similar criteria but unless you're looking at Jonny as a potential sexual partner, you're not considering them.

The dating environment suggests that women are the gatekeepers of sex, men are the gatekeepers of relationships. This gives a small percentage of women, their HB9s and above... a lot of power.

An analogy I like to use is, you're at work. You get along with a colleague but then he or she gets promoted but all of a sudden, they become an arsehole. If you've had 5 bosses in your life, and 1 was an arsehole... you probably remember the arseholes the most. I'm not sure why this is. But there's even a cliche about this - power corrupts. Not a gender issue. Reminds me of the rebuttal to the MRA claim about male judges preferring to give custody to women - it's because of inherent sexism within the judges/society that this situation has arisen.

But I suppose TRP is nice for them. "You are not the problem. Someone else is. You're awesome."

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