Round of Applause S&T

Narcissa streamed for TWELVE hours straight today and she was pretty calm and positive. Narcissa is nowhere near killing herself. She is looking forward to the Smash port for the Switch and says she has a very strong will to live and stream.

Neither us or her discord hugbox can convince her of getting professional help, what makes you think we can convince her to kill herself? She doesn't listen to anyone. If she kills herself is because she is mentally ill. Her hugbox of other mentally ill people are the ones who encourage her the most to commit suicide. They tell her that it's her right to jump out of a burning building and that therapy doesn't work. I'm not kidding. *Some, not all.

I agree what you said about the threats. This sub has rules about threats and they should be enforced. Report them or hail a mod if you ever see one. Haber should delete The_Lolice's comment and give him/her a 1/14 strike.

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