Has Rover opened himself up to legal action over firing Hoppe?

lol did you actually read any of the links you posted or just copy/paste the first few from Google?

Only one of the "cases" you linked is actually a case, and it's only borderline relevant since the employee was terminated based on an unlawful drug policy. If they asked Hoppe about his medications and then fired him over it, that would be a relevant source for you to cite.

The next one says that an employer can't fire you for taking prescription medications. Irrelevant.

Next up, a POTENTIAL EMPLOYER can't ask an interviewee if they're disabled or on medication. Irrelevant. This one is the same point.

This one says that your doctor can't disclose your medical information to your employer at your employer's request without your consent. Irrelevant.

The last one is about discrimination based on disabilities, which didn't happen, so it's also irrelevant.

Do you have any other irrelevant links you would like to post? Any other condescending comments about how I "have no idea" what I'm talking about?

Iheartradio (clearchannel) is a massive company, and I'm sure they have a team of lawyers to make sure their tracks are covered on basically everything. There is no way they would let a radio host continually ask employees what medication they're on if they thought there was even a tiny chance that they could be sued because of it. The RMG crew have been in trouble over some stupid things before because ClearChannel wanted to protect themselves, and I'm sure they would've done the same here if this the huge deal you're making it out to be.

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