2162+hrs in game: done almost everything and still going

I'm in game from free giveaway of game in epic store. My brother called me then with info that such game is for free and i would like it. Without much expectations i give it a try, its free after all i will uninstall it anyway.

Up to this day i have blast with it.

Not that i'm in ave in anything FDev do, for example i where forced to take a break from game beacause i use computer for my work, playing on it is just marginal activity, definitly not game machine and horizons on low specs where beautiful and fun anyway. I bought odyssey after info about that it will run on specs as horizons (i did not expected that there will not be lower frame rate on planets but anyway - space legs and i wanted to support game, as i recived it for free as i mentioned). After lunch of odyssey, it where totally unplayable for me, horizons where laggy and where boiling my machine. So i uninstalled, get back in december when i where forced to buy new computer for work. It is also not gaming machine but game run smoothly and love it.

Sorry for spelling, i'm older player, english self learner - when i where in school in my country we where forced to learn russian instead english, so i understand it perfectly but it is hard to express my thoughs in it fluently.

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