Scary Nightshift Story

   So let me start this off by saying I'm new to this sub reddit but not new to your channel. I actually listen daily on my nightshifts, ironically. Because of this I always remain vigilant. So for me this is the scariest encounter I have had working retail. I am 29 and have been working various retail jobs since finishing high school. Never have I had something bad ever happen other than the occasional rude customer. For context I am female as well and very small, only 5'0 ft. Not intimidating at all.
   I moved back to my hometown of South Florida a few months ago from North Carolina. It was right before the Coronavirus pandemic blew up to give you time reference. I of course needed a job to support my family and was living with my in-laws, husband and daughter. I was able to quickly get an interview with a gas station thanks to my mother in law.
   Anyways, so I interview and get the job and with this chaos going on I was glad to have an essential job with full time and decent pay. So far I have been here about 2 months and without any incident. It is important to know I was originally hired for mornings but have had to cover nightshift temporarily for a co worker on medical leave. 
    I adapted to night shift as best as possible and get to know some of the regulars. In particular one couple who fell on hard times would visit just about every night, this is relevant for later. My gas station is locked during nights for safety so I never felt threatened or anything. I only had to service customers through the window so much safer and less virus risk. 
  This particular night started out as planned and going smoothly. I had finished all the stocking and cleaning. It was approximately 1am at this point when the story begins. A guy walks up and I greet him as normal, "Hey what can I do for you?"  He didn't respond for a minute and then asked, "Can I get a hotdog with peppers?" I reply, "I am sorry but we aren't serving hotdogs right now."
 This is the reason I brought up the pandemic because we aren't serving any hot food due to contamination risk. He gets annoyed but starts to walk away. I thought to myself, "OK just walk away I guess." I started to turn to go about my shift when I hear a tap on the window. He has now come back again.
  I ask again, "Hey whats up?" He begins to get very agitated and raises his voice. He says, "What do you mean you don't got any hotdogs? Get me a hotdog with peppers." I again restate what I said earlier as polite as possible. You would think that would be the end? So did I but this was the start.
 He keeps repeating this and then begins to shout, "I can't believe this bitch, she isn't giving me food." Its relevant to know I'm pretty passive, I mean I will defend myself if needed but im usually quiet. I stood there frozen and started to worry. "You better call the cops since you ain't getting my hotdog.", he exclaimed angrily. I almost thought he was joking until I stared at his face. He was actually seriously upset. Then, I saw him walk off again towards one of the pumps talking to I assume a friend getting gas. 
 I even began to think how silly it was. Really? Upset over food? This made me begin to think he was under the influence with his irrational behavior. I wasn't calling the cops for that no matter how much he asked. Anyways, a few minutes go by and he again comes back. "Oh boy here we go again.", I thought and sighed to myself. 
 I reluctantly open the drawer to the window and again ask what he needed getting fed up at the point but not really scared, yet. "Get me a Steel Reserve. Go get it now.", he replied with a motioning gesture telling me where it was 

. I thought to myself, "Do I sell it to him? No, he is irrational." We can also deny sales if we feel someone is intoxicated or being threatening. I calmly tell him, "I know where it is but I'm not serving you alcohol." He naturally asked why and I replied, " You being irrational, rude and threatening. So I don't have to sell you anything." That set him off and this didn't surprise me but I was trying to standing my ground. "You fat ass bitch, call the cops and see how much time I'm about to get for this." I am seriously starting to panic at this point. "If you don't leave I will call the cops.", I explained. He didn't seem to care and now began to bang on the glass. He kept exclaiming, "You don't know anything you are bum." I am beginning to shake and trying to stand my ground but extremely terrified. Supposedly, these windows are reinforced but I don't want to find out. He continued to ask me things like, "How much money do you even make here? Your a bum you don't know anything" I reply, " its irrelevant I don't know you and it doesn't matter what you think of me." He kept calling me every profanity while continuing to bang on the window. At this point he forced my hand and I know to call 911. I pick up the phone to show him I am serious and even tell him what I am doing. Part of me didn't want to tell him because I wanted him to be caught but I was so scared. I have never been that terrified in my life. Time felt slow as I explained to the dispatcher what was happening. He continued to bang and yell while I was on the phone but I ignored him. My safety and any potential customers were my priority. I of course give a description, the address, etc. I always hear that time is slow or it feels like forever when your waiting for the cops. Well, it definitely does. I kept thinking what if he has a weapon? What if this other guy is in on this? So many thoughts racing and my panic is interrupted by more voices arguing. I look to see my regulars, the couple I mentioned earlier, yelling at this guy. They heard the commotion when they were walking up and confronted him. This guy even had the audacity to try to grab the regulars wife! He said, "why don't you come with me to my hotel room? You can make me some money I'm in 305." I thought her husband was going to pummel him and I was hoping so. I also was afraid for them because who knows if he has something on him. He was definitely on something for sure. They scare him off and he disappears behind the building. I thank them and they tell me they are glad they can help and hopefully the police get him. They informed me he was staying at a nearby Days Inn based on what he said during their brief encounter. This hotel is within walking distance to my job so this is all terrifying. The police were great and responded quickly and went to check at this hotel. If anything it hopefully scared him off because odds are they probably won't find him. Now with this just happening I keep scanning all the windows wondering if he will come back. Thankfully we do lock up at night because who knows what he would have done if he was inside.

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