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Hey Muchachos, So Its been awhile since the last KOTN season, but I have to say, it is really weird watching this season of KOTN as I am now simply a spectator in the game I used to play, and got so close to winning... I would love to add some comments about what I think of this season. Disclaimer: I have no idea what happens on the show in terms of either challenges and eliminations, nor have I read all the bios and stuff. However, I was able to talk to most of the contestants on the show, at least in person. My Thoughts: I'm not sure about the randomly selected teams. It is nice to know that we'll have a challenge on day 1 and that the teams will be more balanced than something like the coolest team ever: Midas Touch Attack, but as a cast member, I would much rather get time to know the people a little ahead of time first. I kindof feel jipped that we never got an anime challenge for season 2. However, from personal experience, that kind of filiming that would be quite tiring With Ori, I think that we should realize that Mechanical Engineering Student =/= fully fledged Mechanical Engineer. In fact, most engineers these days usually do computer jobs like mine, so lay off the flak. This stuff is hard Also Ori: you gotta make those comments to people you've been comfortable with: not people you just met. Political Correctness can sometimes go a bit overboard, but from my experience, its ALWAYS best to err on the side of caution. Its easy to learn the hard way... Virgil likes to refer to the s3 girls as a "hydra". Though, Is a girl alliance really all that needed? Especially after the guys' "dominance" (har har) on winning KOTN. Where my azns at? Shouldn't we be overrepresented in a nerd show? Strategically, even a token minority of every race could at least boost viewership to give everyone someone to root for Speaking of ratings: watch this season religiously. I really want a season 4, for reasons that you wouldn't really expect. My Predictions (from just watching the show): I think that from the show: I think that Ori is a marked man which, aside from a Zack-reincarnation, may have some trouble making it to the midgame the mid-game Colby has the best chance of making it to the end and not winning, as he is crazy smart but I doubt that people will rally behind a Jeopardy champion My predicted winner is Kaitlyn or Todd. She has the chops, and seems to be a likely figure to littlefinger this competition, and Todd seems to be too likeable to get kicked out until its too late. I also think that some combination of Raychelle, Heather, and Amanda will make it far, because allies are more valuable than water.

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