[Serious] Redditors, what do you think about Reddit's culture? [x-post /r/self]

Describe Reddit’s culture. How does it compare to the culture in “real life”?

Reddit's culture is part of the global Internet culture. It's totally integrated and actualizes itself according to global Internet's events. (Like The Dress, for example.)

Reddit hosts multiple subucultures :

All these cultures are mixed between each others. They communicate but keep their richness.

Being part of the Internet culture, they show all common traits :

  • Usage of visual ideas easily recognizable (memes)
  • Usage of the common experience as not so private joke.
  • Discussions of recent events related to the culture.

It's the realm of ideas. I see it as another space, free from daily constraints and pragmatic needs.

What do you think of yourself as a redditor? Does your behaviour differ from that of “real life” when you use Reddit?

Both IRL and on Reddit, I'm a specific thinker : I have really specific interests and tend to be obsessive.

I'm here to quench my thirst of knowledge and have some debates, primarily. Things I can't as I'm doing here.

I've been on the Internet in quite a long time, and even if I'm entertained by Internet's pop culture, I'm aware that it's usually really low effort content and void intellectually.

It's not the case on Reddit : people here are proud to show they think deeply and are not afraid of making researcher before making a point (/r/changemyview)

Do you think Reddit has “social norms”? Do they differ from real life?

There is social norms, but I see them as less binding than real life ones. There is much less than in a casual discussion, for example.

On Reddit you are free to speak your mind, even if your opinion is a minority : there is most of the time a subreddit made specifically for people with your opinion. (/r/TheRedPill vs /r/TheBluePill)

If not, you are heard on general subreddits in time and others, despite "vote brigading" and "circlejerk".

What would you describe the culture of defaults as? Does it accurately reflect the culture of Reddit as a whole?

Default subreddits are usually general and main subreddit in their subculture. These are central hubs to help newcomers to navigate in the culture, according to their needs : that's why we see lots of threads asking for help here.

The others subreddis around are specific subreddits.

How about your lovely non-defaults, whom you subbed to? Do you think you share aspects of your identity in common with the other users that frequent that sub?

Definetly. I lurk on default subreddits most of the time. We tend to share lots in common in non defaults, as these are really specific.

How does the culture of Reddit (and its subs) form part of your identity? What do you think about the culture of other subreddits (in general)?

It's a big part of my identity. It encompass some major facet of my personality and my online life.

Of course I still have a part that stays private : our lives and identities are really complex and fragmented. Mine either.

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