159 words CMV: Tiktok and social media is influencing the sexuality and gender identity of a lot of Gen Z'ers 238 words cmv: A youth who believes they are trans should wait until they are an adult to transition 273 words CMV: Prisons should function as quarantine instead of punishment 228 words CMV: Modern women only compare the richest 1% of men to the past to ALL of women when they invoke the "women used to be oppressed" card. The truth is men were just as oppressed. 184 words CMV: Conscription and draft is sometimes necessary. 222 words CMV: The "Body Positivity Movement" does more harm than good for those who are involved with the movement. 203 words CMV: infertility is the main reason that kids should not go through gender affirming care 318 words CMV: The trans movement is pushing gender stereotypes. 127 words CMV: IDK if it is already. But charging people for a live concert where you don't actually perform should be illegal 153 words CMV: it’s okay to say "women" instead of "birthing people with uteruses" 199 words Cmv: impregnating a woman 10 years older than me is a good idea 285 words CMV: "Don't chase people" is bad advice. If you love someone to get them. 140 words CMV: The benefits of intentional celibacy out way the benefits of sex. 181 words CMV: Sports competitions are inherently unfair and broken as a system 162 words CMV: there is no such thing as an acceptable target for body-shaming 132 words CMV: Protesters who choose violence in a democracy like France right now or violent BLM protestors are scum by default and their voting rights should be taken after multiple incidents. There is no excuse for violent protests in a democracy. 118 words CMV: It's transphobic to demand trans people disclose they are trans on dating apps 341 words CMV: The world loves to see men get hurt 217 words CMV: The idea that violence against women is somehow worse than violence against men is based sexism and Bs 124 words cmv: Cops are useless and a waste of taxpayer dollars