Sex expert - AMA

i actually have a lots of questions but i'll start with this (it's not about me but about someone i know)

-i don't adhere to the swinging lifestyle (I also grew up with quite traditional views so anything that is deviant seems strange to me) but i kinda undersand the swap between couples, the sex with others in the same room,etc. What i especially don't undersand is the hotwife-cuckold relationship. , but still.... a man that wants another man to sleep with his wife (and in front of him) does not have dignity and self respect in my opinion.

actually i don't understand anything that involves the partner sleeping with others -open relationships, polyamory etc etc

-2nd thing is, i know someone who is very young when he became a swinger bull. He was less than 20 (maybe 18) when he slept with an older women in front of his husband. his next experience was when was a lodger in a mature couple's house (he was still less than 21... dunno at what age exactly, i guess 19-20). Hiss words were "under a week i was in the master's bedroom and the husband was in mine". when he told me this, i was not only horrified but also disgusted. i also think the couple might have abused him indirectly (he was almost a teen = hormones, no sensible thinking = any opportunity of sex is attempting). What do you think of this? He added that he felt proud that he was able to dominate them and push their boundaries and blabla.

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