A slightly more diplomatic take on The Last of us 2 from someone who just went through it

I'm not saying "oh poor white men are so prejudiced against." , as in , you should feel bad for me. I'm saying that because it's getting fucking boring.

Every movie now is 1 Asian person, 1 black person, 1 latina person, 1 white person. And the white person ALWAYS ends up being some villain or shitty person. Is that interesting to you.

This had to change, and it's for the best that it changed. But movies WERE more interesting when it was 5 white guys, because you had no idea who the villain was going to be.

That's what I'm saying. They're sacrificing long-standing characters and good storytelling so they can force some diversity initiative, when they should be taking a real risk and give a character like Abby her own game. But they won't do that because it's too much of a financial risk. So they just ruin another longstanding franchise after longstanding franchise.

It's just getting really, really fucking boring.

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