SMU vs. Baylor

SMU is a fantastic school and I am enjoying my experience here, but it pales in comparison to Baylor.

I'm not trying to argue here, but you wanted some advice that was as unbiased as possible, and I'm having trouble seeing how the pros in the above comment make Baylor that much better than SMU.

I agree that Business fellows will be a great opportunity for your son, and that could be reason enough for him to go to Baylor.

However, Baylor being a bigger school can go both ways as some argue that SMU is better for exactly that reason of having smaller classes. While it's true that the elitism is present, it's really not as prevalent as some people make it out to be.

Also, I really hope a student who seems to be as much of an overachiever as your son doesn't look at the performance of the school's football team when choosing schools.

Next, there is a really big population of students at SMU who are also serious about their faith, albeit not as big as Baylor's of course. But, I believe that a good amount of diversity, including religious diversity, is essential to a well-rounded education and could maybe even strengthen his faith.

In terms of religious Christian fraternities, there are plenty at SMU as well.

Finally for alumni network: implying that Baylor has a better alumni network than SMU's especially in the field of business is just wrong. There are many, many awards that Cox School of Business gets annually just for alumni networking, including #1 for "Potential to Network", while Baylor's business school doesn't even come close.

I'll admit that I'm not unbiased, but I'm also not blindly biased. Whether he chooses SMU or Baylor, I believe that your son will make the best choice. However, I just wish that one of the most important decisions in his life is not influenced by wrong information about either school.

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