Sofia is overrated. I said it.

There are people on this sub who are up Sofia’s ass and there are people on this sub who are up Alex’s ass. From this post you seem to be up Alex’s.... because saying that Sofia never carried the convo is just not true. There are awful things that people say on this sub about Alex that are just not true. I’m tired of seeing people say that Sofia had a terrible work ethic... we have no idea what she did for CHD behind the scenes. Both Sofia AND Alex joked around that they were terrible employees. Then Alex and Portnoy come out and say that she was the lazy one while Alex was the businesswoman and what... we’re just supposed to take their word for it??? Coming from two people who admittedly despise her? Funny that you mention Sofia telling us that she did nothing at her finance job but you left out when Alex told her story about lying to her boss and leaving work to make a fat ass sandwich and take a fat ass nap. And then to say that Alex knew her worth and fought for it and that makes her passionate??? Um.... Sofia is the one who initiated that, which Alex admits to in her vlog. You’re entitled to your opinions about the podcast and the hosts... I’m not trying to change your mind... but don’t come on here and write shit like this where you’re leaving out half of the story to make one look better than the other.

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