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Age: 11, I know I am young but I am mature and I do think I can meet the expectations of being staff. Username: StrafqsPvP Past Usernames: First time on the server. Timezone: EST, United States Of America Do you have a working mic: Yes, I have a blue snowball How long have you been playing?: I have not been playing like only for a few minutes but I do think I can help out the server but if I get staff I will be more active on the server and if I don't get staff I will still play on the server a lot and help out players for a better reputations. Time usually spent on the server: As I stated above, not much played on the server but I do think I can play at least 4 hours a day on the server to help out people! Do you have recording Software?: Yes, I use fraps and OBS Do you have access to Teamspeak/Skype? Yes! I have experienced with both. What can you bring to CubeHCF: You should choose me as mod because, I want to become staff because I want to help out the players and the community! People can quit the server as simple as not knowing how to open a chest or create a faction. I want to be there for them and help them out! I want people to enjoy their time on the server and stay on the server as long as they can. I don't want people dying to hackers and losing all their hard stuff that they spent 2 days working on and a phaser comes along and kills them and makes them go raidible or even loose a lot of Power. What I can bring to Cube HCF/Reasons varies between, keeping the chat spam/toxicity, very low at the times I am on the server, Whenever I find or catch a hacker, I will always provide video evidence, of screen sharing or just regular hacking, I do not tolerate any behavior such as someone giving death threats to someone else for no reason, and I will always be online to help everyone, Say Hi and welcome to the new players, and goodbye for all the old players, I love to work with a staff team, and I will hopefully be accepted for staff, I have already been trained for checking for hacks(ScreenSharing) FROM past servers I have worked for, and I know most commands such as /ss or /freeze, /staffmode(If there is staffmode), /ban, etc.. But I am usually the staff member to go to for anything, I will always be on TS3 FOR I KNOW THE TS, and that's mostly what I can bring for Cube HCF, The ways I can moderate chat is, Keep the spam low, if somebody spams it's a 10 min mute, If a person is hacking and I suspect them of hacking, I would more than likely screen share them and find out if they're hacking, I would record all of my screen shares as a way of proof that the player was actually hacking, what I usually check for when I am screen sharing is first their controls, to see if they have x-ray or auto-clicker etc, then I would tell them to go into Minecraft and click R-Shift and L-Shift if I suspect of auto-clicker, after that process I would tell them to go into the resource pack folder and open the folder and go directly to .minecraft from there, after that I would tell them to go to their versions but first make them press f3 in game to see what they are running, if they are running forge I would check all the common mods sizes to make sure there is no ghost client. After that, I would make them go to their logs, the check the most recent ones, then the My Skype received files, and then after all that maybe if I suspect they deleted the hacks, go into screenshots and their web browser to see all the history and downloads, to the specific day they were caught, and if they had no hacks or ghost clients, I would unfreeze them and let them on with their day, until I find the next hacker. Reasons - Well, there are a couple reasons why you should choose me for staff, I play 100% legit all the time. When it comes to being staff and taking control of any situation, I will be the person you come to if you have been cheated or tricked. I would try to strive for the best and try not to be as much as a Know-It-All. I will achieve only the best and will not let a single situation go un-assessed. I am very mature which helps with understanding people and how people act in situations. I will not loose my head when someone tries to prove me wrong. I will have the proof there and ready to show. It is very important to be mature because you have to take your job very seriously, which I do when I am playing an important role on any server. I am also a very well at checking for hacks, for I know how to use all the staff commands. Examples- /ss or /freeze which ever one you guys tend to use, /staff made, /kick, /ban, /mute, /tempban, etc.. Like I said in my 'What can you bring to Cube HCF paragraph. I can bring a nice and very welcoming community, and further in explanation I can bring it clean of hackers mainly, chat corruption and etc I think I am a very mature and well-trained staff member on most occasions and I barely ever have an attitude with anyone, I know the whole rule if I find or suspect a hacker /ss them and say in chat "(Username)," 5mins to join, If you log out it's a ban, and if you admit, admit now. As I have learned and seen from my previous experience. Have you ever Been Staff on any server?: I have been playing Minecraft for as long as I can remember, which is probably 4-3 years now! So if I have been playing Minecraft that long I do have some experience to the game and being staff a couple of servers. I have owned a server myself, it did not get very famous but I was happy with what I turned out the happen with the server, I only got at least 5-10 players a day but I liked it! Eventually, I had to shut it down because it was taking up a whole lot of my wifi because I was hosting it myself by I port forwarded the server so. I have been a Co-Owner before on a not so good server that has shut down, I made a great application and they just set me to Co-Owner right off the bat. I have been admin many times on multiple servers that are shutdown (Keep in mind most of these servers are shut down) I can't remember too well on what server I was staff on how many times I was admin but I do remember I was the admin on theirs. I have been a mod on a very famous server by the name of VeltPvP <3. I was also a mod on a server hosted by a retired Minecraft survival Games aka (MCSG) staff member. I am currently a builder/admin on a server that is up right now but it is still in development. With that experience, I have learned a lot from that I ex: /ban - Removes player from network /temp ban - Temporarily removes a player from a network /mute - Mutes player so he/she can't speak in chat /tempmute - Temporarily mutes player so he/she can't speak in chat for specified time /ss or /freeze - Freeze's player so he/she can't move/PVP, tell's them to get into ts, for ss /history - Checks player's history to see if any previous bans/mutes /sc - Make's the staff member speak in a staff chat, a chat only staff can see /vanish - Makes you invisible from players, but not staff /game mode - Every block in the game in your inv, also you can fly and can't get killed :) /bminfo - If you find a cheater or someone ban evading, use /bminfo, shows alts and etc Are you staff on any other servers currently? No, I am not staff on any other servers because when I apply for a server I want to put my head into that server and focus on only that one server! Why I should be staff: I should be a staff member because I think I can help out the community a lot by getting rid of some hackers for the server and not just that but answering people's questions. I stand out more than other people because I am actually active on the server ,not just some guy/girl that joins a server and asks to apply right away. I only wanted to apply at least 2 weeks when I was into the server playing it. I also should be chosen because I am active a lot and I always put my best effort into a server and help people as best as I can, I don't want to not be active when there are 20 people dying to a hacker. Extra info! I always try my best to help out people and be friendly in all ways. All out I'm just a friendly kid that likes to play Cube HCF! I can speak 2 different languages and one of the languages I speak is you probably know is English, English is my second language but I know how to speak it properly, I have lived in the U.S for 4 years now so I knew how to speak it before I moved. My second language is Afrikaans, I am originally from South Africa and that was my first ever language, I still know how to speak it very well, even though I speak English more I still know how to speak it. Can your record Minecraft videos? Yes, I can record my minecraft videos on my youtube channel, I either use fraps or OBS to record and I can get a decent amount of fps when I record so you can see what is happening in the video clearly. My youtube channel is I dont post to much on it anymore but I will start uploading for punishments if I get staff member. Some info about me; I have been playing Minecraft for 4 years now and I have enjoyed it. I know how to operate things on a server and I do know what to do in case of a hacker! - I am never toxic and always typing with the words that are saying to me (Nice and Honest). - I am not racist in any form of way and I think people need to be treated with respect Thanks for reading! Hope you like it!

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