Start up funding. How did you get your garden growing?

Hey David,

Thanks for the reply. I'm going after an indoor tier 1 license, so the total garden space is restricted to 5k sq ft. I think it is a safer bet to start a little small then reinvest and grow thereafter.

I have planned a perpetual setup (continuously running vegetative and flowering chambers) which will allow 1k sq ft. of flowering space. Approximately 160-185k would cover all initial overhead (including first six month's lease).

1k sq ft will allow for 250 flowering plants. First harvest (after 6 months of license approval, best to start from seed) should yield 16-25 lbs. Next harvest would be 2.5 months later, then every 2.5 months thereafter (average for indica or indica dominant hybrid, pure sativas hold higher value but take twice as long).

I grow organic, no-till so there is very little overhead beyond start up investment (methodology is supporting living soil as opposed to blowing thousands of dollars on nasty bottled fertilizers). I use a natural, living living IPM (integrated pest management) to keep pests at bay.

I have designed an automated irrigation system so staffing levels can be kept low, as well as ability to coordinate development of custom control systems to fully automate the garden. I use exclusively LED lighting as well.

Just let me know if you'd want to discuss further and I'll be happy to give you a more detailed run through on what I have in mind. I've been tossing around signing with a capital firm but am not very thrilled on the concept and the terms they've set, so finding a private investor is ideal to me. I'm leaning towards a set term contract to split the revenue, financier would own infrastructure in place. I can provide the role of cultivation manager, tier 1 license, genetics preservation and breeding, and soil.


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