Flipped this room into Flowering yesterday so today is Day 1!! First time growing by myself (boss is shadowing me) how am I doing?

im intrested to know. not for anything big but i guess the maths works the same.

i have 2 x 4x4 and was wondering the most efficient way. i decided to veg and flower in the same tent and my reasoning was. if veg takes 4-5 weeks and flower 8 (roughly) then thats 16ft square roughly 4 times a year x 2 tents so 128 square feet of flower grown.

if you use the one tent for flower only then youd obly turn that space around 6 times in a year and the other tent would have a couple of weeks per grown where its not growing anything.

id love to hear sombody elses opinion. im not sure im looking at this the right way as im new to this but thats where i ended up.

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