The Stray Sheep - Off-Topic Discussion - July 07, 2021

I love the summoning animation in P1, it reminds me of the magic animations in GBA era Fire Emblem.

Been wanting to play Yakuza 0 but somehow I've gotten interrupted every time I try to start it up. As if the Great Will really doesn't want me to experience this game.

Some friends have tried get me into anime/manga for a while, I almost finished the FMA manga but while it's fun idk, I can't really stick to it. I grew up watching some anime like detective conan, dbz, one piece, death note etc. but I haven't really been interested in anime since I was like 13. I feel like I just haven't watched anything that appeals to me, but I also don't really know what my preferences are. I guess I just need to find something that is good and maybe a bit more mature than the typical shounen.

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