Texas National Guard Filmed Trespassing During Border Operations | Soldiers patrolling border communities with assault rifles is the latest escalation in Gov. Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star.

"...a wildlife camera recorded three armed soldiers on a private road inside the butterfly center, which alarmed Treviño Wright and other employees. The privately owned nonprofit nature preserve hosts several thousand schoolchildren and visitors every year to experience the flora and fauna, which includes several hundred species of butterflies."

This is very scary. Nature preserves are wonderful places for children to learn natural science. Also, people go to nature preserves to destress from our crazy world.

Uncalled for. I've never heard of an American being assaulted by a migrant at the National Butterfly Center. It's Americans who are trespassing, not foreigners. Not to mention the fact that guns are menacing. If you want to patrol, patrol without weapons like a good neighborhood watch organization.

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