That's a great body

Name: Laura Jarvis from Burlington, Ontario 29 y/o looks 40 something.

-was turned down for sex at a fitness expo (married man didn't want to lose his family over an orange tanned, leather faced slut)

-loves to party and loves the white powder (cocaine)

-at a Gaspari after party she met 3 guys and they all fucked her at once. She had a boyfriend at the time.

-went to Dubai for 'work' and was banged out by some Arab for money. Her boyfriend dumped her a few months later.

-speaking of her ex bf all of her modeling pics with the watermark 'Pirate Pictures' were taken by him. She isn't a paid model just a girl fucking a photographer hoping to be famous.

-known to have the biggest ego and is the biggest slut in the industry (surprise)

-has HSV-1 (oral herpes) and Hepatitis C

-currently works as a nurse, looks have expired, looking for a bench warmer athlete or some D-Lister in the entertainment biz.

Chicago escort.

Her IG is filled with pics of her from 5+ years ago. Her ex bf had a Canon Rebel and called himself a photographer and she put a string up her ass and bent over and called herself a model. All her pro pics are taken by her ex and not a single $ was made modeling that day. Even this pic posted is like 5 years old. She's taking pics that are more than 5 years old and photoshopping abs on them lol. I'm not sure why she keeps lying about new photoshoots its getting embarrassing probably just loves the attention and validation.

Escort Services

Atmosphere Model

Can someone tell me what an Atmosphere Model is? Read that page you telling me those girls aren't escorts?

-Private Suite Events

-Bachelor Parties


You going to pay some nobody girl to just stand around at your 'event' come on. She isn't a model of anything fitness, bikini whatever it's just a front for her being an escort.

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