Tinder experiences in Waterloo?

Sex is very much not supposed to be normal on the first date and this scam is backfiring on young men that now actually want to settle down but can't because they've soiled the ecosystem.

I'm glad you're married, please have a kid. I don't understand how the next generation is going to survive. I'm now at the age where I get to make the "choice" of whether I want to keep living like a college kid or actually find love. Some of my female friends have a kid now, which 25 years ago meant they're married or will be soon.... which meant that kid would have a dad and a decent chance...

Last time a girl courted me (this was like insanely lucky for me because she was actually attractive but was rebounding) she blatantly said something along the lines of "I'm kinda hoping for something more, I'd love to have a solid relationship, but if you just wanna have a good time I understand if you've got too much going on right now".

PS: I did everything to deflect sex on the 1st and second "date", she got a bit mad the second time and I had to clarify she is guaranteed to get fucked next time, it's just that I'm old fashioned (and was generally against just being used to piss off her ex). This girl also once started getting undressed mid conversation when she thought I had taken offence to something she said (I didn't, she was just high as fuck talking away and I had zoned out for a sec, no idea what she said)

Her: "I wanna get laid tonight so I won't start an argument"

Me: "wait what we're having an argument? No wait you're taking off your underwear and bending over...ok..."

Dating and modern sex life is completely fucked now imo.

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