tore my meniscus while doing bjj

Expect the unexpected. Accept that part of the BJJ journey IS injury and healing from injury.... I’m a Blue belt in bjj..tore my meniscus..let it heal for two months and felt great..first time back on the mat my ACL tore. I would get an MRI to see what the damage is and to be able to prepare you for anything else that might be going on in your knee...if you have smaller tears elsewhere maybe you need to stay off the mats longer than you think. If you are thinking surgery, then at least you have a clear picture of what’s to come. The day my ACL tore was literally one of the saddest days in my life and I have had LOTS of very sad things in life... bjj means a lot to me and I am looking at a year off the mats...and now my other knee feels like it is also going... BJJ has taught me to be strong and patient. The healing is part of my BJJ journey...and rather than see the off mat time as “not being able to do bjj”-I’m trying to see it as just part of what I need to do to be good at what I love and do it for a very long time. Surgery next week... oss!

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