Truth about Karlob08

okay let me make myself clear so that you are not confused okay so when i first started to write the post here i thought that the crack that i have is normal and that it will work for everyone here but since it was on beta they said to me not to share it yet so i was like fine since they said that the more info is coming in a few hours next day i ask them again and they say the same thing that the crack still has some work to do before it gets published i was like okay fine then later on since sometimes it takes for them to reply to me like almost 1 day i messaged them saying well i am going to share the crack with people and i made a video that is now a private one,then they said please not yet we are working on it more info in coming hours then i was like okay,on the same day here on reddit i saw some people talking about the guy steam006 and then i remembered that this guy was on and that he was making the crack but he gave as far as i know because it required his steam information and it would could work like activation just like a felix method is then i was like oh maybe that is why they are still not sharing with everyone just some people that pm them on facebook and then i asked them do they copy the guy on steam006 i did not get the response,then i asked them well does this activation like felix"s account exepct that this is like a crack with exe and no steam,that was last night this morning i get response to them saying this: 5-10 people at a time. We have multiple accounts to cover enough people per day. Rest just have to try after 24 hours. i was like okay then can i share everyday with people on reddit at least crack for 5 people and i still have to get a reply from them like i said they usually respond the next day at my timezone then i posted that information on my post but then corepacks facebook page status showed for me and i saw that there is a page about antideunovo project from them and i read the description of it and it seemed like the same crack as skidrow and i decided to contact them just as i was about to i checked reddit if there is something more in my inbox and i saw that someone posted that corepack will post a crack today so i decided first to ask them if they are copying skidrowfans or did they get the idea from steam006 guy since they hade the same words on their page about craking tomb raider that skidrowfans have,as for the crack it turns out it is similar but it does not use the same way as skidrowfans or steam006 so i decided to ask them well what about the crack today that you said on your facebook page and i got a replay that that they will share 10-20 cracks with people and that it works just like original game and some more information that they will release today along with a "crack" or i should have called it once i realised that it uses activation bypasser of deunovo but diffrent from felix or steam 006 and skidrowfans and corepack little diffrent from each other"s crack as well but that is it what i can tell you once corepack releases the crack or maybe they will say that you have to message them do that and you will get it as for the skidrowfans like i said i did not get the response but if do and they let me give crack for at least 5 people here i will since i do not now lets call them slots for 24h 5-10 were used but if not then just message them they will within one day reply back to you i hope that clears a little bit of confusion that you had

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