Tuesday Discussion (2018-09-25)

First off, I'm not your "nigga". I don't call you or any person that shit so don't do that shit for me.

Nigga I dont give a fuck who you are.

Secondly, you will not find me "whinning" about white people posting here. I just delete my accounts once I have a large amount of PII on the site as I have done with my two account here. Also the vast majority of us who have been here for years don't complain about the white posting here because we know.

Yesterday's thread proved otherwise. A majority of you were deer in headlights shocked.

Thirdly, all you're doing is whinning. Post after post after post. Also nothing you said hurts me, you literally mean nothing to me because I don't know you.

Sure. Call it whining. Until the next "wow so many white people" thread and then you guys expect other black folks to give an utter fuck about your sub being over run. I love how even in moments like this, I'm the one whining even though every thread today was started by yall.

Dude, grew the fuck up. It's just reddit, it isn't that serious. No wonder you had to take a break do to mental health issue. You act like this shit is your life. Go see a fucking therapist.

Oh go dagger an electric fence with your condescending bullshit. Y'all were the ones panicking about white watchers not me bruv. I'm goodie.

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