How do you feel about government-forced injections, such as mandatory vaccination? AND WHY?

Please don't downvote guys.

I kind of agree with this sentiment. This is how life persists and how human intelligence has emerged via evolutionary means.

I think others would fairly argue that society has a responsibility to the children to make this decision for the parent, no matter what the parent says, so as to protect the life of one of it's members, and the lives of others in the community.

I would disagree with the above sentiment as we must allow for some tolerance due to some members having compromised immune systems.

I agree that herd immunity is important, I merely disagree with utilizing force as opposed to utilizing information effectively and convincingly. The first is easy and less costly upfront, but has a serious detriment in both legal precedent and social alienation , the second results in a better educated electorate more capable of making good decisions long term and an appreciation to be a member of a society that takes pride in freedom and knowledge.

We can either force everyone to our will or convince everyone; the first will breed hate and fear, the second will breed trust and good will.

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