The Vana'diel Project Q&A Digest

(1:02:23~) Q: What kind of payment method are you planning for the native application?

A: We're not at the point where we can answer that question yet. We would like to have as many people play as possible, so we believe it will be a system that will allow players to participate with ease. You could say that it depends on the business environment at the time of launch. For example, when considering that a method of payment is unimaginable at the stage we're currently at might be proposed, it is not possible to make a conclusive decision.

(1:03:42~) Q: Are there any plans to release official art, resource books, or a CD set compilation of all the songs?

A: At this current point in time, there are no specific plans. The details are fairly vague, but we would like to release various items. If there are any specific requests for things that players would like to have, it would be possible for a plan based on those requests to be devised. If players have any such requests, please let us know. Furthermore, we're not yet at a stage where we can speak openly about it, but there are already a few projects underway.

(1:04:53~) Q: Will there be other projects besides the ones that have been announced?

A: This announcement was not to forcibly push everything Vana'diel out, but to show the power of what we built up together in 14 years from the start of service that led to collaborating with Crooz and NEXON. We anticipate it'll continue like this in the future as well. As previously mentioned, the development teams are working away at new projects, and we'd also like to continue spreading Vana'diel as well, so please look forward to that in the future.

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