The Vana'diel Project Q&A Digest

(0:32:47~) Q: Regarding job points, do you have any plans to release higher ranks for job points as well as make adjustments so they’re easier to be obtained by the final major update in November?

A: Along with what has been mentioned earlier, we are planning to add the final categories for job points in the May version update. Additionally, we’re planning to increase gifts so that they’ll ultimately be increased to 20 by November’s update. As for easing how they are obtained, from the March version update, players can gain bonuses by completing a specific task from Records of Eminence totaling to a number over 50%. We’ll continue to observe the situation and make adjustments as needed.

(0:34:41~) Q: Will the quests for obtaining alter egos from ciphers be released in “Rhapsodies of Vana’diel?” Will new alter egos be introduced in “Rhapsodies of Vana’diel?”

A: We will introduce new alter egos. As for the quest, this is something else and we currently have no plans to release this untold story as a part of “Rhapsodies of Vana’diel.”

(0:35:43~) Q: In “Rhapsodies of Vana’diel,” will players be able to enter restricted areas that were not available in the past? For example the restricted areas inside the Bastok Mines, the cave up north of Batallia Downs, or the silver spoon in eastern Adoulin.

A: We currently do not have any plans to introduce these areas in “Rhapsodies of Vana’diel.”

(0:37:05~) Q: Can’t you remake FFXI as a brand-new MMO and continue service?

A: MMORPGs were originally games that were played on PCs; however, we wanted to make this playable on the console and this was what started FFXI. Just like how we challenged ourselves when people voiced their concerns about a FINAL FANTASY MMO, we would like to continue pushing the boundaries of FFXI to release the game for iOS or Android devices in order to expand Vana’diel.

(0:38:58~) Q: Is there any possibility to release an offline version of the game?

A: We have talked about plans for an offline version several times; however, every time we start looking into the cost it is too high and we end up dropping the plan. We do want to make it available, but it is impossible to make the entire FFXI game something that is playable by one person, so we would have to take away specific parts. For these reasons we currently have no specific projects for this.

(0:41:26~) Q: Can you please explain to us your plans after the final major version update, such as how long operation will continue for the PC version?

A: We cannot answer how long the operation will continue. At the current stage, we do not have any plans to end, and we would like to continue operation as long as all the players continue to log into Vana’diel. As for the version update intervals, we are thinking about having one every one to three months.

(0:42:45~) Q: If the player population increases in future, although it’ll be less frequent than now, is there any possibility to change the plans so you will continue releasing major version updates for the PC version?

A: This is difficult. While this would solve the business standpoint, it wouldn't be a solution to the development environment issue. For example, if we’re short on people we can cover this, but because the development environment is in a tight spot, we would be limited when making new content. We would like to come up with something, but we can’t simply say we’ll do it without thinking it through.

(0:44:06~) Q: Do you have any plans to decrease the amount of time required for content such as mythic weapons?

A: We do not have any plans to make any adjustments that’ll lower the value of weapons such as relic weapons, mythic weapons, and empyrean weapons. However, as I mentioned earlier, we are considering removing restrictions such as instances where you can only challenge content once every three days. We’d like to increase the amount of times you can challenge content. With these changes it should make it easier to obtain these weapons than the current situation. However, we won’t make any adjustments where it’ll suddenly become an item that can be obtained from a login campaign.

(0:46:09~) Q: With the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 versions coming to an end, do you have plans for a transfer campaign to move players from PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 over to the Windows version?

A: We’re currently distributing the PC version’s client for free, so players playing on PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 can transfer to the PC version for free. You will be able to play on the PC version once you download the PC software.

(0:47:28~) Q: Are there plans to merge servers due to the declining player base?

A: At least until the completion of “Rhapsodies of Vana’diel” in November 2015, there are no plans for merging unless something major comes up. After completion, we do have some plans in the event that players are giving feedback about not being able to form parties and more players voicing their requests for server merges. As far as how we’ll merge, we’ll be looking into how to handle this such as merging two Worlds into one World, or transferring players from one World to a World of their choosing.

(0:49:03~) Q: Will there be any changes to the monthly fee with the end of service for PS2 / Xbox 360 versions?

A: Since it has been run this way for a long time, there are currently no plans to change it.

(0:49:36~) Q: With service ending for the PlayStation 2 / Xbox 360 versions, what will happen to PlayOnline?

A: The question is a bit unclear, but PlayOnline will continue to operate while the PC version remains. This is because PlayOnline is intertwined with the key systems of FFXI, so FFXI would not be able to run by itself. However, the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 versions of PlayOnline will end with the end of service.

(0:50:31~) Q: What will happen to the forum after the major version updates end?

A: We may revamp some of the categories, but we’ll continue to operate the forums. There won’t be any changes to the basic activities such as players making posts and having comments from Producer Matsui.

(0:51:15~) Q: Will the official forums also include “FINAL FANTASY Grandmasters” and the native application in the future?

A: No, we're thinking that the titles should be operated separately in a style best suited for each one.

(0:52:08~) Q: Will “Freshly Picked Vana’diel” continue even after the major version updates for “Rhapsodies of Vana’diel” finish?

A: This all depends. If there are a lot of adjustments or details that are unclear, we’ll put these out as special editions. “Freshly Picked Vana’diel” started off as a public reading of version update information, so we’ll continue to hold them with this goal in mind.

(0:53:19~) Q: Will we be able to go to the Orc Empire, the Mithra homeland, or to the far-east?

A: In terms of whether or not you’ll be able to go to these locations, you probably won’t be able to, but you should take a close look at the image of the woman with the polearm. I've been told not to say anything further, my apologies. We understand players' desire to go to these lands, so we’ll be putting tons of effort into developing “Rhapsodies of Vana’diel” to try and meet these expectations.

(0:56:10~) Q: We understand that the native application will be playable on mobile devices, but will it be playable on portable devices such as the PS Vita?

A: While we created a vague idea by saying “mobile devices,” currently the application is being made for iOS and Android. If we’re to consider including as many people as possible, those two choices are the best way to do it so far. But if the environment surrounding FFXI changes and a portable gaming device that can bring the game to more people is released, then we’d look into expanding it further.

(0:57:24~) Q: Will the native application be a completely separate game from the Windows version of FFXI that will continue even after March 2016?

A: As far as accounts go, this will be a separate game, but it will be the same game in the sense that it continues the enjoyment of FFXI. What we’d like to clear up is that the native application won’t take over the current FFXI operations, but Square Enix will continue to operate and manage the current FFXI, and the native application will be developed as a new FFXI.

As far as content goes, even with the sheer volume of playable content in FFXI we won't be able to discuss this too concretely, but we think we won't start service with a lot of content lined up. We want to try and get this out to customers as fast as possible, and while it'll take some time, we'll eventually implement a good deal of content. There will definitely be restrictions on content and jobs at the start, such as only implementing up to Chains of Promathia. There are possibilities for expansive content exclusive to the native application as well. Players will eventually be able to play Rhapsodies of Vana’diel, so we'll be putting in a ton of effort to try and match or even surpass the PC version.

(1:01:25~) Q: Is the FFXI development team going to be involved with the development of the native application as well?

A: Basically, they will take part in ways that make the game "FFXI-like" such as planning, how the game works, lore, and editorial supervision.

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