Vexed Generation (The Jimquisition)

20%? If only. Even an entry level card like the RTX 3070 for some 500 dollar MSRP, is on par with last gen’s 1800 dollar RTX 2080 ti. The new cards are not an iteration, but a leap forward.

That’s the interesting thing with these new cards. They’re significantly better performance/price than what came before and the market is starved of that. Me and a great many other savvy consumers have already been following your advice and skipped on the RTX 2000 / RX 5000 series because of too little difference. A good many of still have a RTX 1000. I myself am still rocking a GTX970.

A worthy upgrade beyond the overpriced RTX2000 series finally came along and it vanished like rain in a desert. After 6 years the wait is kinda hard.

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