[vid] Fit cutie! JOI, masturbation, pee, shower, shaving +more! Info in comments :)

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Vday! cum on me http://imgur.com/a/sICgB 7:30min, $10. Happy Vday.. I want you to stroke your cock for me while I strip down.. and then please finish all over my tits :) 5 second cum-countdown at the end. I do not cum in this video, only you do! 1080p, stream only.

Holiday strip+dance: http://i.imgur.com/EzH4D1C.gifv $10, 9:52. I do some mediocre white girl dancing to christmas music and strip out of the little clothing I have on! I do talk here and there in this video about random things. 1080p, stream-only.

Wonder woman mini-show and shave: http://imgur.com/a/oysFT $10, 11min. I show off my wonder woman costume on my porch, then move inside to slay my lady garden with my new electric shaver! 1080p, stream only.

Pee + pee video here

Titty tribute with BJ! http://imgur.com/a/pIPB7 $15, 23min. I show off my outfit and slowly take it off, then its time for titty play. I bounce, fondle, and pinch my nips a bit before rubbing them down with ice. Oil comes next, then I pull out your cock and suck it. I tell you how I want you to cum all in my mouth and all over my tits while getting more and more into it! Hosted on google drive, 720p, no download.

Edit: just to clarify, that is a dildo, not a real cock

Window dildo fuck http://imgur.com/a/qjhZt $15, 14min. Splitscreen view of both inside and outside of my bedroom AHHH! My favorite video so far. Minimal teasing here, I get right to playing with my clit at 2:30 and then start riding my dildo at 4:30 til I cum. Good times were had. Hosted on google drive, 720p, no download.

Girl/Girl Fantasy http://imgur.com/a/FXGZv $10, 13min. In response to "what is your lesbian fantasy?" I go into detail about how I would find a cute girl at my gym and invite her over all while fingering myself to orgasm. Dang.. how I wish my fantasy would play out :'( Hosted on google drive, 720p, no download.

POV doggystyle with my cock toy! http://imgur.com/a/bWPFD, $15, 18 mins. "So.. I thought that I would give you a nice long strip down... be a little tease.. then I'm gunna take that cock out and suck on it.. and then I want you to fuck me.." Hosted on google drive, 720p, no download.

New Toy Video! http://imgur.com/a/oRV0N $15, 28mins. Recorded the unboxing and first use of my realistic cock toy.. biggest thing to go in my pussy evaaa. First I open it, check it out and talk about it. Then we move to the bathroom to wash it.. aka soapy handjob. Go back to my bedroom and do a little strip down to nude. Didldo gets the best blowjob of its life and then I use it to tease my clit. Video ends with a few minutes of me riding it in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl! Video available for download only, 1.2gb

JOI aka jerk off instructions http://imgur.com/a/kUxFW. $10, 10 minutes. Start with your cock in your boxers, I tell you when to take it out, how to stroke, and when to cum. I comment here and there about you stroking for me while I do a strip down and tease myself. I rub my clit over my panties and give you a quick peek at my pussy. I do not cum in this video, only you do, aim for ~9:30. Video available for download only.

Hair removal video #2 http://imgur.com/a/FW1ip $15, 35 minutes. Same thing as last time, first I trim with an electric razor. Then I use homemade wax, which only gets some patches because I trimmed too short FML. Next I resort to plucking more with tweezers. Finally I get in the shower and shave the remaining hair around my pussy! 1.5GB Video available for download only.

Soapy Shower Video http://imgur.com/a/9mbV6 $10, 12 minutes. I get nice and soapy. I talk here and there, feel myself up, some teasing, close-ups, yadda yadda. Hosted on sexykarma with password. Now available for download as well.

Holiday Videos 2013 http://imgur.com/a/jKKoh $10 each, 10 minutes each. Naughty or nice! The "nice" vid is more innocent and I use just my hands to get off. The "naughty" one is more dirty and I ride my toy. Dirty talk, moaning, etc. Hosted on google drive, 720p, no download.

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