✨ Happy Thanksgiving! Check out my horny holiday [GFE] today - I'd love to keep your phone buzzing with naughty messages! ❤️

Hi there! I'm Zoe.

Happy Thanksgiving!! I'll be around all day today and offering a super special sexy xxx GFE. Spending the day with family or friends and want to receive naughty little surprises to keep you on edge all day? Read on for more info!

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Horny Holiday GFE - 11/25

Spending the day celebrating with family? Maybe you'd enjoy your phone going off all day long, receiving lots of naughty little pics and clips.

I'm going to be spending the holiday by myself this year, and I think it would be hot to bombard you all through dinner. Every time you feel your phone buzz, just knowing there's a sexy surprise waiting for you.

The horny holiday GFE is $75 and I'll be available all day long. There are no designated sexting sessions, but I don't mind sexy banter in response to things that I send and will respond, and you’re free to send me as much back as you’d like! It might be hot to sneak off to the bathroom and show me how hard you are ;) I'm also around to chat all day long! I'll be working on videos as well, so for $100 instead of $75, I'll send you download links for any and all of the full-length masturbation videos I film today.

Note: My regular GFEs are very casual and companionship based - that's definitely still available for the day, but this is a special extra sexy day option :)


For payment, I can accept Google Pay, Bitcoin, Cashapp, or Amazon.com card (+20%), all with no notes attached.


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