Weekly ANYTHING GOES thread - December 26, 2020

Im looking to replace KA-BAR USMC. The use is EDC, I have it on utility strap & sleep with it.

My main problems are:

Round handle can turn, when wore it on belt almost snapped tang out of handle sitting weird.
Size Idk, it feels slightly too small but any bigger & I wanna wear a full sword.

Feels too bottom heavy to be a good fighter, but with my Kara also on my wrist, balance is ok.

It's not big enough to be scary, but not small enough to be "handy".

I've looked at stuff like the Ontario SP10 or CS Frontier Bowie or Black Bear.
I'd honestly just prefer an inch more blade & a flat handle:

The DBAD war machine (I'd ask to thin it out, don't need the weight)
Ontario SP6 are two I'm looking at although I've heard the QC on Ontario is a bit off.
Would the KaBar sheath fit the SP6?

I have a BK14 for field tasks.


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