Do any harvest moon games have rival children other then animal parade and tree of tranquility?

I've been playing IoH. While SI did improve on the worst parts of IoH, they also took out the few nice things about it.

IoH has 99 characters, including rival children. Granted most of them are generic NPCs, but still... It's nice to see the island fill up with inhabitants over time. It's one of the reasons I've come to like it more than SI.

The "problem" was that if you chose to marry any of the rival characters, their child would not be born, and you'd be left with an incomplete character roster. You had to choose between marrying the limited few remaining options, or having a permanent missing entry on your character list.

Probably not a lot of people were happy with that dilemma.

It was the beginning of the end of rival couples in HM. SI removed the children, and GB removed rivalries altogether.

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