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Hi idlers and happy new year!

I am Vip4 on server 1 (ex server 23), last events allowed me to bring together 190 feathers. I am close to have enough fooders in forteress and L/D to make another 2 10* but this would mean that I spend almost all my feathers . I also stored 240PO for next events.

Therefore I would just like to share my plan and see if I am missing anything!

Current team: Rainbow: Asmodel10 DM13 Jarah12 DH10 IB10 Kroos10 Spare: Kamath10 Vesa10

Next dudes (#copies): Amuvor(5) Valentino(3) Xia(4) FB(2) or balrain(2) (1 fooder 9* available)

Maxed fox and wolf, enough resources to max a 3rd pet

Tech: Mage Priest & Rangers 100% Warrior 50% Assassin 0%

5 souls stones (ty Christmas event)

The good: quite ok for both pvp and pve Feel like good balance btw cc and dmg

The bad: No real tank (Asmodel and maybe IB and Kroos.. but...) No great synergies

The ugly: Asmodel is alone as warrior with bad tech tree I miss fooooders!

The aim : Would like 2 heroes per faction (still need to figure my 2nd abyss heros out) to keep aura flexibility

The plan: Shot 240PO in L/D during next PO event (with a nice hero ideally) so I get 4/5 missing l/d fooders and hopefully belrain or FB. If lucky, I spend remaining PO in forteress.. Use prophet branches in forteress to get Xia or Valentino

Use feathers to get missing copies

Make 10*: FB or belrain, Val or Xia , Amuvor

Replace: -Asmo (so I can reset warrior tree and leave it to 0) by FB or belrain -IB (obsolete imo) by val or xia

Reset warrior tree, build assassin tree

My questions: - is xia enough as my only slot 1? - is there a preference on whom to use feathers ? - which team is the most efficient for me with those heros (is it an option to run a non aura team with DM and Amuvor?) - I miss 9* fooders. Is it stupid throwing 240 PO in L/d? - is chtuga a good candidate as 2nd abyss? (Synergy with DM and Xia's bleeds) - a suggestion for next pet?

Thanks a lot for your time and any other advise you might have :-)


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