I Went To School w/Ari Aster - AMA

well if i recall, ari's favorite lynch film was blue velvet (not shocking, right?)

i think ari has some intentions, but he most definitely likes to do things to screw with people / make dumb jokes / be a surrealist.

i.e. i'm not sure how many of his drawings are on the internet, but he'd do these very weird drawings in class, like our teacher, but with a penis for a head (again, very Lynchian).

would you say that drawing has any real symbolism? or just that ari thought it was funny? or maybe he just thought that particular teacher was a dick?

that's his style, in a nutshell.

i don't know how many people saw one of the earlier drafts of beau is afraid, but he shoots michelle obama at the end, for making people exercise, essentially. that's just kind of a dumb, sophomoric joke.

seeing how he works, and knowing ari personally, i have a hard time believing there's a massive meaning to some of these things (like in some of the high minded theories i see floating around).

i'm sure beau is afraid is about one man's (likely ari's) fears and anxieties, along with some humor thrown in, and a little albert brooks.

but just like kurt cobain and lynch did, it's a lot more fun for the audience, if you leave everything open to interpretation. then it can mean 10,000 different things, to 10,000 different people.

that's the beauty of good art.

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