What kind of drug is Musk’s girlfriend using? Is it heroin?

Jesus Christ, I can't stand Musk like everyone else in this thread but goddamn this thread and some others are as bad a circlejerk as pro-musk shit. Grimes is 31 and isn't a singer. She produces all her material and holds a high reputation in the industry with labels clamoring to get her to produce tracks. She wasn't always making pop music but now that she is she's one of the few mainstream pop acts out there that is 100% authentic. She's got hella good songwriting and mixing talent. Just check out her break down of Kill v Maim on Ableton on the Song Exploder podcast. She's as eclectic and strange as other artists in her caliber and has flirted with heavy drugs in the past, wow big fucking deal. I hate that the whole Elon thing ever happened but the sexism here is disgustingly evident. And she's not that hot mang, she just likes fashion design and the such and creates cool personas. Even if she's now down the path of becoming too celebrity for her own good by courting fucky musk it doesn't negate her prior work.

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