What lights do your recommend?

Not meant to be an extensive review, but from someone that has a couple hundred miles on Shredlights (on a Stealth), here are some of my experiences: * I've lost two tail lights * I've lost zero front lights * Two of my lights will work their way out of their rubber casings over time and will have to be "re-seated" * Removing four individual lights (if you get front and rear), charging them, and then remounting them is mildly annoying * The lights are good from a visibility standpoint * The headlights, in particular, are not strong enough to warrant "confident" riding at night in an area that you're not familiar with - especially if you're anywhere near a fast speed * Shredlights customer service is good/responsive - they have offered me discounted replacement lights and have replaced one of my rubber casings which was damaged * The lights themselves are well made * The rubber casings are well made, but do get softer/weaker over a period of constant removal * Shredlights emailed me a couple weeks back saying that they are coming out with some type of modification specific to Boosted boards

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