What do I take to my operation?

this is the list my dietitian dietician gave me on what to take for my hospital stay post-op:

Items to pack:

- Reusable water bottle

- Protein shaker bottle (i.e. with metal curly ball at the bottom)

- Measuring cups

- A microwave safe mug or bowl to warm up soups and cook oatmeal

- Small bowls and small spoons

- Small Tupperware containers for leftovers

- Roll of paper towel or napkins

Suggestions of food to pack:

- No/low calorie water enhancers (ex. Mio or Crystal Light)

- Low sugar sports/electrolyte drinks (ex. Gatorade, Powerade)

- Tea bags

- High protein Quaker instant oatmeal (individual packets, plain or flavoured)

- Blended vegetable soups (ex. squash, carrot) found in the soup aisle. Remember to add in some

unflavoured protein powder to each portion.

- Apple sauce

- Tetra packs of soy milk (flavoured or unflavoured)

- Powdered chicken or vegetable broth

- A flavoured and an unflavoured protein powder. The preferred types of protein powders are whey,

soy or egg based.

- Ready to drink protein shakes and/or meal replacement drinks (ex. Premier Protein, Milk 2 Go Sport,

FairLife, Boost, Ensure)

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