So, here's what I think needs to happen.................

First, its important to note that its early. This team has a lot of new faces and everyones tryna find their groove. We're notorious for slow starts yet here we sit near .500 and with so many injuries. Optimistic that we start gettings players back and put it together.

The whole team has been inconsistent. Inconsistency is the reality of a "fill-in" pitching staff. Plus, the offense has been cold and slumping hard, but seems to be sparking this week. Aside from Trout, highest BA right now is .268 from maldonado. Need more than that. Back to consistency from the fill-ins: We had a 15 game stretch that ended last week, where Angels starters held a 1.8x era.. ramirez, chavez, nolasco, shoe, skaggs, wright. Aside from that they've been ehh. Also, the relievers just won bullpen of the week not long ago, petit alvarez hernandez norris parker anchored a 2.1x era for that span and have been respectable, but have faltered a bit lately. Need CONSISTENCY. Of course, it doesn't help that scioscia hasnt really used everyone in the ideal situations. and the fact remains that giving up runs is inevitable. unless you are betances-miller-chapman, some leads will be blown occasionally. Anyway, i feel like, when the offense shows up, the staff gives up runs. When the staff shows up, the offense doesnt score


C: Maldonado is hitting, and defending at an elite level rn. no complaints.

ss: i want simba to be my ss for a long time

cf: goat


2b: espinosa should be given until the all-star break to find the power stroke. if he's still struggling at the end of the year, start exploring other options again. but, dont forget that he plays gold glove D and has the best infield arm in baseball. runs well too. Thats a premier skillset at 2b. Fangraphs had an article comparing him and javy baez. they are similar on both sides of the ball. fingers crossed, he's been making better contact lately

3b: cowart cant hit yet. at least not from what ive seen during the years ive followed him. he can defend. but we have defense everywhere else, we can make up for yunel at 3rd w/ everyone else playing gold glove caliber D. Some power from this position would b nice.


1b: looks like a disaster to me rn. none of them can find consistency. if Pujols is set to DH for the next few years, we need a respectable 1B in here asap. Thaiss needs to develop quickly lol.

lf: both guys r the same on paper - good speed/defense/contact, but no power - we havent seen the .300 averages yet. If they're still ass after the all star break, might want to explore other options again as well.

In an ideal world, the Angels:

-Trade at least one of: Cron, Marte, Valbuena, Escobar, Maybin, Revere, for a respectable starter. -Fire Scioscia (He's the longest tenured manager. All other 29 teams have a fresher manager. Its time for a new face and a different environment/vibe) -Fire the entire training staff and get someone in there that can keep these arms healthy -Spend wisely this next off-season -Draft well

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