I'm 31M who got into my first relationship when I was 21 with my partner who was 25F at the time and moved in with. Noe I'm having confused feelings of not having developed experiences of being with other girls and feel like I rushed things

But how can I make sure it's not something that is wrong with me? I don't want to hurt my partner, she is madly in love with me and I know she is extremely attached to me to the point that sometimes she says she'd rather be dead than lose me. This terrifies me. And besides, I do have a lot of feelings for her, I'm just not sure if I "feel it" anymore like I did 9 years ago. I was a looooot more attached to her even 5 years ago to the point that I'd miss her and cry when she was away for 10 days. Nowadays, she could be gone for a whole month on a business trip and I'd feel like I have some freedom around the house and in my life. I feel terrible to admit this... but I just feel like all I need right now is to be single for a while and focus on myself. But I'm terrified it's just a phase and that I might regret it, however it's been on my mind for 2 years now and these feelings are just growing stronger and I'm terrified.

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