What’s the origin of “the visual” in a group?

Yes but while Main Vocal, Main Rapper, and Main Dancer can objectively be measured. It isn't universally agreed on who is the most beautiful looking in a group.

Using RV as an example, by Korean standards i guess Irene is the prettiest since she is the Visual? But even then that doesn't mean every Korean thinks she is the prettiest. Meanwhile, all the other Roles can't be disputed like Who is the best singer, dancer or rapper.

I think Koreans are individuals just as much as Americans or Europeans are. Korea isn't some hive mind where they all universally agree that a certain type of person is attractive. I think to lump Visual in as a role together with Main Vocal, Rapper, and Dancer is a bit convoluted because 3 of those can be measured and 1 of those is based on preference and not Merit.

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